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Is A Home Warrant For You

Whether you’ve recently purchased a home or are considering renewing the home warranty that came with your home, chances are good that you’ve got questions. Big ones. You’ve probably heard a

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Building Relationships Blog 2 Oct 4 2018

Building a solid relationship with your real estate clients is key to a successful sale. But the benefits of good client connections don’t end there. Gaining your clients’ trust increases the

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When You Have To Deliver Bad News To Your Clients Oct 4 2018 Blog 63205 1

For the first time today, I had to deliver bad news to a client. It was difficult and heartbreaking because you know that at this point the client is down and may be think of just forgetting about

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Do You Need A Public Adjuster For Your Insurance Claim

After a major storm or a freak accident that ends in massive amounts of property damage, you’re probably going to feel two things essentially at once: you’re going to be overwhelmed with the

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