Top 8 Handy Household Hacks

Dated: 01/09/2020

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You get home from work, hoping to get a little bit of relaxation in before you tackle your kids’ laundry, make dinner, and then help with homework. Instead, you walk in and you see it - dirty plates that need washing, stains, smudges, and everything else around the house that catches your eye and needs to be cleaned. For the times you crave a quick fix that’s efficient and easy, the tips and tricks below have you covered. The best part is most of these household problem-solving solutions include items likely in your home already.

#1 Use cooking spray to fix a squeaky door or cabinet.

If the kitchen cabinet your family opens many times throughout the day won’t stop squeaking, reach over and grab the cooking spray off the counter and spray it directly on the cabinet’s hinge. Too easy!

#2 Use dryer sheets to buff surfaces.

Take a new or used dryer sheet and rub fixtures like faucets and shower heads. Watch the smudge-free shine come back to life immediately. Try it on mirrors and windows, too. This trick also works in the same way to remove deodorant marks on clothing.

#3 Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpet and rugs.

Get the squeegee out of the garage, bring it inside, and watch the cat and dog hair (that the vacuum seems to leave behind) lift from your carpet, area rugs, and even the couch. You’ll end up using it more inside than out.

#4 Use a paint roller to clean popcorn ceilings.

It’s time to retire the dated, rough broom trick for cleaning popcorn ceilings. Dampen a paint roller for a gentle and effective alternative. Dust, dirt, and cobwebs are removed without using solutions that damage the ceiling.

#5 Use WD-40® to remove marker and crayon scribbles on the wall.

If your children colored a little outside of the lines and made it to the wall, don’t fear. Spray WD-40® directly on the marks and use a clean, dry rag to wipe it off. It’s as simple as that.

#6 Use a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser to clean shoes.

You scrub and scrub in attempt to restore the soles and toes of your kids’ shoes back to the white it used to be. The simple solution is to take a magic eraser, run a little bit of water over it, just enough so it’s not dripping, and move it back and forth over the dirty shoes. This removes dirt and recovers the white effortlessly.

#7 Use a lint roller to clean up glass shards.

When you heard the glass shatter on the kitchen tile, you immediately panic as the tiny pieces fly everywhere. The larger pieces are swept easily, the vacuum gets a lot more of it up, but the lint roller comes in and gets the pieces left behind. It’s also a good go-to if the glass is in the carpet – it adheres to the sticky paper arguably better than a vacuum’s suction. Don’t forget that lint rollers work well to clean-up a cushion covered in pet hair right before guests arrive.

#8 Use coffee filters to dust screens without any residue left behind.

Not only are coffee filters a crucial part of getting the day started on the right foot, but they also work wonders when it comes to dusting. Instead of using a paper towel to clean your laptop, TV, or tablet screen, use a new coffee filter for a smooth, fiber-free finish.

Running a household and family can be a lot to handle – things go wrong, messes are made. The handy hacks above are here to help guide you in an easier, move convenient direction for when the inevitable happens. Take a deep breath and don’t worry, you got this!

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