4 Cost Effective Upgrades That Increase Home Values

Dated: April 5 2018

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These small home improvements will go along way in impressing potential homebuyers!

As you probably already know the housing market in our Area is Red Hot and it will get even busier this upcoming summer. According to many experts, changes in the tax plan under the Trump Administration mean it is getting costlier to own a home in certain areas of the State and the Country, fortunately our area will no see this affect us, thus creating an even better environment for our real estate as many more people will be interested in moving to our area.

If you are thinking of selling this spring or summer this is an article you will definitely want to read. As many home sellers are making the big mistake of over-improving their homes only to find out that most of that investment will not be realized back once the property sells. This is why these are the 4 home improvements we recommend when thinking about selling:

  1. SPRUCE THAT PAINT!  Every house for sale should look fresh, bright and trendy inside and out. Painting your home will not only increase curb appeal but it is one of those improvements that will yield a greater return when selling.  Even touching up the outside trim or giving the inside baseboards a new coat of paint can make a huge difference to prospective buyers. And of course when selling, de-personalizing the home is always a good idea, so when choosing colors always think neutral.

  2. BRING YOUR KITCHEN TO THE XXI CENTURY:  Kitchens sell homes, as simple as that! Is your kitchen out of date? Making some modern updates  in the kitchen will add tremendous value and interest in your home. Again, the idea is not to over-improve but to bring it up to a modern standard, painting, new cabinet handles, new faucets/sink, painting new lighting, wall mounted microwave maybe a new backsplash are some of the items that will bring you great rewards when selling your home. Here's a video from Lowe's about easy kitchen upgrades:

            3. UPGRADE YOUR BATHROOMS, bathrooms are another functional room where little additions             or updates can make a huge difference. You can start by making the bathroom more eco-friendly             and cost efficient by replacing fixtures with low-flow versions that let less water out when turned             on. Newer faucets, shower heads and lighting fixtures are other items high on the list. A new coat             of paint is never too much. Here's another quick video about how to get the most our of your             money when remodeling your bathroom.

             4. GET YOUR YARD INTO SHAPE! Your home only gets ONE SHOT AT A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION and Landscaping is one of the best upgrades a home seller can do to get the right kind of attention once that For Sale sign goes up! After all, it's what potential buyers see the second they pull into your driveway, curb appeal can go a long way toward catching their eye. Plus this is probably the most cost effective of the 4 items mentioned in this post. Trimming the bushes, cutting the grass, properly edging the lawn, adding mulch and placing some color new flowers/plants will go far when making your home stand out from the competition. 

If you are thinking of selling this spring or summer 2018, we will be happy to help you, to get your FREE Home Evaluation visit www.ithinkrealty.com/sell or call us at 863-292-6895 and remember that we serve, Auburndale, Haines City, Lake Alfred, Lake Hamilton, Dundee, Bartow, Winter Haven, Clermont, Kissimmee and Lakeland. 

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