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How to Get Something Removed from Your Credit Report

  • Start With a Credit Dispute Letter. Before you try anything else,...

  • Write a Goodwill Letter. If disputing the negative entry doesn’t work (that is,...

  • Negotiate "Pay For Delete". If you have any unpaid collections or charge offs,

How does medical debt affect your credit score?

  • Although medicaldebts can appear on your credit report and hurt your creditscore, not all lenders view them the same way. 

  • While some lenders and creditors pull only your creditscore, some, such as mortgage lenders, pull both your creditscore and credit report.

Will paying off collections improve my credit score? 

  • Paying off debt in collections will not improve your creditscore unless you have it removed from your credit report.

To have it removed, write a letter to the creditor/ collection agency explaining why you defaulted and request that they remove the delinquency from all three credit agencies.

  • Click on the link below for more information

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