Being Thankful During The Holidays And Throughout The Year

Dated: 12/06/2018

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The holidays are approaching quickly and it's important that we don't lose sight of why we celebrate in the first place. 

I recently lost a dear friend and I never saw it coming. It was sudden and for reasons as these we should cherish each other as we never know if it will be the last time you speak with that person. You never think that this could be the last holiday you may be spending with someone until it slips through your fingers. My friend was an amazing individual, she was loving and so caring. She had many friends and family that loved her and she always reminded me to appreciate life because it is an amazing gift we all have been given. I did not have the chance to say goodbye to her but every time I look at the ocean,  walk on the beach or look up at the sky I know my dear friend is with me. 

Take time to tell family members how much you truly love them and are happy that they are in your life. Soak in those little conversations and cherish every second of it. 

Some words people often associate with the holidays are stressful and busy. It's easy to get lost in buying presents and preparing meals, but we need to remember to take a step back this holiday season and reflect on what we are thankful for. 

You are always more fortunate than someone else 

Pay it forward. Someone will always have it worse off than you do. Be willing to help out and give as much as possible during the holiday season. Offer help to those in need and never take what you have for granted. Hold the door, volunteer, donate and make someone's day. Giving can often be the best gift of all. 

Family Traditions

For most families this is the one time in the year where we can bring everyone together, so don't get annoyed when grandpa asks for "one last picture." Those pictures are moments that will soon turn into memories, that you can play over and over again. However, don't get lost in the lens. I sometimes need to stop myself from taking pictures just to see things from a different and real perspective.

There is nothing better than a Thanksgiving or Christmas spread, and sitting around a full table makes it that much better. Unlimited amounts of food and enough turkey to feed a small army, now that's something to be thankful for.

So when you're buzzing around getting to where you're going this season, don't forget all you have to be thankful for and have blessed we all are. 

Happy Holidays!!

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