How To Be An Inspirational Leader

Dated: February 17 2019

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Charisma isn't everything. Only when you understand the key traits that define effective leadership will you be able to inspire your team, foster loyalty, and drive business results.

If you own a business then you are, by definition, a business leader. But are you a good one? Leadership experts offer the following essential guidance on how you can become more effective at helping those around you perform at their best.


Effective leaders have a vision and the ability to share that vision with others in a way that excites and inspires. When you articulate a vision that people understand and support, they will want to help you achieve it. Your vision becomes a shared goal. Take pains to remind your team what you’re working towards, and how their efforts are contributing to a greater purpose. 


Be transparent and true with yourself, doing so will help create a culture of trust in your workplace.


Be humble enough to admit that there are ways that you, too, can improve, and don't view any task as too great or too small to tackle personally.  “You’d be surprised what you can learn just by asking,” she says. Plus, demonstrating your willingness to learn and grow will inspire your team to do the same.


“There are about a dozen or so well-known leadership traits, including being a risk-taker and being proactive, innovative, courageous, and curious. “They establish a solid system for accountability, take immediate, corrective actions around challenges, and they recognize successes, more so than failures.” .

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