How To Protect Yourself And Your Home This Halloween

Dated: 10/26/2018

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1. Keep your porch and exterior lights on all night. Vandals are less likely to act if neighbors and passersby can easily spot them. 

2. Choose your trick-or-treating venue or neighborhood wisely.

 3. Take steps to protect your vehicle. 

4. Lock all doors, in your home and your car.

5. Provide plenty of lighting for walkways. 

6. Keep valuables out of plain sight. 

7. Keep your trick-or-treaters visible. 

8. Consider installing exterior lighting equipped with motion sensors, which turn on the lights as people walk around your property. This will lead the          way for honest trick-or-treaters while discouraging would-be pranksters.

9. A mail slot is convenient for you—and also for punks wielding smoke bombs. Tape up this weak link in your home’s defense to avoid receiving any      unwanted "mail" on Halloween night. 

10. Make your presence known on Halloween night. Instead of waiting inside for trick-or-treaters, be proactive and greet them on the porch. Sit ready         with a bowl of candy and a smile, so everybody knows their movements are being watched.

11. Don’t want to participate in Halloween this year? Close your curtains and turn off your interior and exterior lights. If you pretend you’re not at         home, trick-or-treaters will pass you by. Keep in mind, however, that a quiet home may attract vandals.

12. A jack-o'-lantern can easily get kicked over, either accidentally or on purpose. Minimize the risk of fire by using flameless candles instead of the         real- deal wax variety.

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