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Dated: November 21 2018

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Having God in my life 

Not everyone is religious so this is my personal THANK YOU for what I believe in and not meant to offend anyone. Everyday I thank God for looking over me and letting me know that he is walking with me. He is right there with every step I take and when I get tired and can no longer walk, he lifts me up and gives me the strength to continue my journey.He is there for me when i am feeling sad and lets me know I am not alone and he will never leave my side. I thank him for looking over my spouse, children, family and friends and for loving me unconditionally. 

Good Health

I am thankful for my good health and the wisdom that comes with maturity because with these two, I can conquer the world! I am thankful for the health, my family and my relationship with God, who grants all.

Career at I Think Realty, LLC and my coworkers

⦁ I am thankful for my Broker who believes in me and teaches me something new every day. 

⦁ I am thankful for opportunities my Broker has provided me and how he pushes me to be my best.

⦁ I am thankful for the opportunity to provide value and quality of life enhancement to the individuals I encounter every    through my career.

⦁ I am thankful for the wonderful people that I work with and the new friends I have made.

⦁ I am thankful for client who are loyal and believe in me


⦁ I am thankful for love and my spouse tells me daily he loves me.

⦁ I am thankful for the support and optimism my spouse gives me daily.

⦁ I am thankful because my spouse gets me, he understands me. I can be hard to figure out but he knows me so well at times       he knows what I’m thinking before I even say it – even if it’s outrageous.

⦁ I am thankful because he never disrespects me. I know women who are in relationships where their significant other    disrespects them and it saddens me. Being with a man who respects me makes me feel so thankful because without respect      our relationship would not exist

⦁ I am thankful because placed a man in my life who supports my dreams shows his support and encouragement.

⦁ I am thankful because he cracks me up. Marriage is just too hard to go through without a sense of humor. My husband makes    me laugh – sometimes right in the middle of crying. I love it.

Children and Grandchildren

⦁ I am thankful for my son and the man he has become, for being a great father and pursuing his dream. He is determined to       complete his dream and he has made me so very proud to be his mother. He was my first child and everyday I thank God for       him.

⦁ I am thankful for my daughter because I am reminded daily of the woman she has become and how hard she has worked to       complete her education. She is determined and the bond I share with her is beautiful.

⦁ I am thankful for my daughter-in-law for being an amazing mother to my grandchildren and for the strong and determined       woman she is.

⦁ I am thankful for my grandchildren because even though they are far we have a great relationship. I talk to them constantly       almost daily and they know their MITA (grandma) loves them unconditionally. I am so very proud of them.


⦁ I am thankful for my pet Remy, who daily is my little companion while my spouse is on the road. 

⦁ I am thankful for Remy because when he sits on my lap to cuddle he loves me unconditionally or when I get home how happy    he is to see me.

⦁ I am thankful because teaches me to appreciate the simple things in life, and find joy in them.

⦁ I am thankful for Remy for the time he makes me laugh when he jumps in the pool throughout the day even when its cold       outside. 

⦁I am thankful for Remy because he was a gift from my husband during the time my daughter was going to college and it    meant the world to me. I am thankful for my life.

⦁ I am thankful for my life, health and strength as well as my family and friends from near and far. 

⦁ I am also thankful for the opportunity to serve and help others both personally and professionally and my inner strength.

⦁ I am thankful for each new day of my life and everything in it.

⦁ I’m thankful for having had the opportunity to wake up and thank God for everyday things most take for granted. 

⦁ I am thankful for many things … My wonderful family and friends …. for a safe and happy home and an abundance of food         …    for the many lessons in life that I have learned from and last, but not least, I am thankful for the many great books and    good    music that have enriched my days and nourished my soul.

⦁ I am thankful for all of the challenges in my life. 

Without these challenges, I would not be the person that I am today! They have helped me grow along the way.


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