New Years Eve Safety Tips

Dated: December 26 2018

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Don’t Drink and Drive 

Side tip: Keep your drink with you at all times to avoid tampering.

It’s plain and simple: if you choose to drink this holiday, plan ahead for transportation. Uber and other ride-sharing options are great (see our instructions for how to use Uber below). Or draw straws for designated driver status.

2) Eat Lots of Food

 The reason is to give your body something else to work off of, other than drinks. According to Dr. David Samadi, “eating while drinking will slow down the absorption of alcohol in the digestive track [sic].” Foods high in protein are great here. 

3) Know Your Surroundings

 Many of you will be celebrating in unfamiliar public places or the private homes of acquaintances. Wherever you are, it’s worth your time to understand your surroundings. Know your exits, which nearby roads are busiest, and where the well-lit areas are. If you need to leave in a hurry, you won’t have to spend any time figuring out where you need to go. You’ll also be able to avoid high-traffic areas. 

4) Be Attentive to the Max

 Watch the roads like you’re being paid a billion dollars to know everything that’s going on. As far as it depends on you, drive in lanes that are as far from danger as possible, and do not assume that anyone else is going to drive properly or use their blinker correctly. 

5) Look Out for Your Pets 

Since the roads will be so busy out there, this is a good night to keep the pets inside and away from danger. You don’t want your pet running around out there.

 6) Don’t Pop Someone’s Eye Out 

Opening champagne bottles is very exciting but make sure not to direct towards anyone, you can seriously hurt someone. 

How to Use Uber

For anyone who chooses to drink on New Year’s Eve (or really anyone who needs help getting home), it’s a great idea to use ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. Uber has even redesigned its navigation app to help drivers and riders end up in the same location more easily, which will be very helpful in the hustle and bustle of the busy night. If you’ve never used Uber before, it’s a straightforward service in which everyday people transport you where you need to go in their own cars, taxi-style. 

Here’s a simple guide for using it. 

1) Sign Up You can visit to set up a profile. You’ll put in your name, phone number (so the driver can call you), and your email. If you have a promo code, use it. After you’re set up, download the Uber app on your phone. That’s what you’ll be using to request a ride. 

2) Request a Driver To request a driver and get a ride, open the app, sign in, tap “Where to?” and enter the place you want to go. You will also be asked for your ride type. 

For normal rides, choose “uberX.” There are also luxury options if you’re interested, or there’s a carpool feature called “uberPOOL” that is the cheapest option, but know that you’ll be sharing a ride with strangers. Input how many seats you need, then share your pickup location. 

You will be able to drag the icon to wherever you want to be picked up on the map. You will usually be able to see the cost of the trip up front, but not always. You can choose your payment option within the app as well (e.g., Paypal or cash). 

3) You don’t need to tip, but tips are appreciated. You can also rate your driver afterward, but as wikiHow states, anything less than a five-star review can damage their opportunities with Uber, so be thoughtful and assured as you review. 

Conclusion New Year’s Eve is certainly a dangerous holiday, but with a lot of foresight, caution, and care, you can put yourself in a position to enjoy it far more than you worry about it. There’s a reason so many people are out that night: to have fun! 

Give yourself the freedom to have a good time and be around people you enjoy as you realign your goals and start the new year strong. Just be safe.

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