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My first Blog on Kunverson - Testing how I do

Being new to this industry and starting out with new clients I have found that our they depend and trust everything we as Agents say. Our clients look to Agents to educate and guide them from your first meeting until a sale closes and trust all that is said by the Agent. You can reinforce your value and show your real estate expertise by offering objective information and informed opinions about local market conditions, being knowledgeable about the latest home trends and technologies, and understanding community issues. The buyers and sellers you work with expect honesty, fair and professional treatment throughout the course of your business dealings. 

Purchasing real estate is likely to be the biggest and most complex financial transaction our clients will make in their life. A trusted real estate professional is a strong advocate who understands the information and emotional support that buyers need throughout the process of finding and acquiring a home. So understand that if we as Agents are honest, professional and act fairly not only do we have a happy client we also have future clients by WORD OF MOUTH. Leave a positive impression with your clients, co-workers and anyone you meet on a daily basis.

I have been blessed to have met a great Broker who takes his time to train properly and has a team who is amazing and works together. I have no doubt in my mind I am at a great brokerage and work with a great team!!

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Manuel Quiros

My name is Manny Quiros, I’m a real estate professional in the “Disney Area”, I have lived in this area since 1999 and have called this area my home and place my wife and I to raise our three wo....

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