The Buyers Process

Dated: November 6 2019

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Initial Consultation & Planning

  • Determine your buying needs and priorities

  • Review agency choices and select an appropriate working relationship (hopefully me!!!)

  • Establish your search criteria and a plan of action for home searching (a good agent will assist with this)

Search for a Home and Get Pre-Approved

  • Sign up for automatic email alerts

  • Begin viewing properties

  • Obtain loan pre-qualification/approval

  • Re-evaluate your search criteria as you view different homes

  • Continue searching until you find the perfect home

Submit an Offer

  • Submit offer to purchase home through the seller’s agent

  • Discuss and clarify proposed terms and conditions

  • Negotiate offer, including possible counteroffers

  • Reach final agreement

Complete Settlement Process

  • Open escrow and deposit earnest money

  • Receive escrow instructions and sign documents

  • Receive preliminary title report

  • Review inspections and disclosures

  • Request any needed repairs

  • Removal of remaining contingencies

  • Final inspect and walk-through by buyer and seller

  • Secure loan funding, deposit your remaining funds into escrow

  • Record deed of title

  • Seller relocates and you take possession of the property

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Christopher Loschiavo

Putting clients needs first. I am a REALTOR with I Think Realty of Winter Haven. After working for 20 years in Higher Education Administration dealing with student misconduct such as cheating, alco....

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