The City Of Winter Haven

Dated: May 9 2018

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A Little About Winter Haven

Winter Haven is a beautiful area and home to 50 lakes. Within that number, 24 of them are interconnected which give access to business, fishing, and beautiful sunsets. These interconnected lakes are called the Chain of Lakes.

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This isn't only a beautiful place to watch the sunsets, have a drink or fish, and relax. It is one of the favorite attractions that make our city beautiful and unique. The Chain of Lakes allows custom guided pontoon boat cruises  to travel from lake to lake to enjoy fishing, restaurants, water sports, and an amazing view of nature. Arts and culture, playful fun, music fusion, affordable homes, a craft brewery and local eateries are just a sampling of daily life. Winter haven is hosts to many festivals and events that allows the whole family to come together and enjoy a young warm family vibe. Winter Haven is also home of of the famous renowned Legoland, a 150-acre theme park with more than 50 rides, shows and attractions inspired by Merlin Entertainment. The Leland in Cypress Gardens is only 1 out 8 Lego land theme parks around the world. Winter Haven is an exceptional destination offering all of life’s desires within its boundaries as it continues to experience steady, quality growth as it transforms into a distinctively unique city, embracing the values and needs of its residents.  

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According to Forbes, 

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