Things To Consider Before Serving Alcohol At Your Holiday Party

Dated: December 6 2018

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The holidays are often the time of year when friends, family and company employees come together to celebrate.Hold the party in the daytime and during the week and consider making it a family party by including significant others and children. When employees know they have to be at work the next day and/or their family is present, there is a greater probability they will drink responsibly. 

Prior to the party, distribute to all attendees a written notice reminding them (1) to drink responsibly, (2) to comply with company policies, including sexual harassment policies, and (3) that alcohol consumption does not excuse inappropriate behavior. 

⦁ Encourage a professional dress code

⦁ Provide entertainment so that drinking alcohol is not the primary activity

⦁ Hire professional bartenders to serve the alcohol, hold the party off premises and ensure that the location possesses the   required liquor license

⦁Instruct the bartenders not to serve additional drinks to employees who appear intoxicated or who have had more than the set number of drinks

 ⦁ Do not serve alcohol to underage employees

⦁ Limit selections to beer, wine and plenty of nonalcoholic alternatives and certainly avoid fruit punches and other drinks that make it more difficult for individuals to determine how much alcohol they have consumed

⦁ Stop serving alcohol an hour or more before the party is scheduled to end

⦁ Do not allow anyone that is intoxicated to drive themselves home and provide alternative transportation for those who are unable to drive themselves.

 ⦁ Designate certain employees as "spotters" to be on the lookout for employees who may appear to be intoxicated and to assist those employees, including arranging for safe transportation home.Limit the amount of alcohol served by distributing tickets for drinks to each employee, set limits on the number of tickets each employee receives, and make it clear that ticket sharing is not allowed.

To further discourage the over-consumption of alcohol, consider charging employees for drinks and perhaps donating the proceeds to a charity supported by employees.Do not allow drinks to be offered by servers roaming the party or refilling empty drinking glasses and do no create self-serve bars or open beer kegs. Instead, require employees to obtain all alcoholic drinks from the bartender, where they can be observed and the quantity of drinks can be controlled. 

Anyone who refuses alternative transportation and insisting on driving themselves in an intoxicated state, take their car keys and, if required, call law enforcement. 

Happy Holidays, stay sober and safe!

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