Will Buying Your First House Wreck Your Lifestyle

Dated: February 20 2019

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For many, buying a home is still a large part of the American dream.  Why is that?  It is the fastest and lease risky way to generate generational wealth.  What do we mean by that?  It means that when you purchase a home, in almost every instance, that home increases in value.  In the last few years, we have seen home equity shoot up as much as 10% or 15% a year. While that is not typical and 4% or 5% is more typical, that is still a better return on investment than most investment opportunities and it comes with far less risk overall.  Even most of those that bought at the height of the last market before the crash and saw their properties be worth less than when they bought it are now seeing equity in their homes.  For those of you who are renting, what is keeping you from purchasing?  Even if you can't afford your dream home now, wouldn't buying a home of your own and earning some equity so in a few years you could upgrade that home using the equity earned in your home to purchase a bigger home and when that is more likely your dream home?  After all, you are paying a mortgage. The question is that mortgage yours and so your money is working for you or are you paying your landlord's mortgage so your money is working for him or  her?  Contact me today and let's get you started on the home buying process.  Here is a bit more information on the value of home ownership.  https://buff.ly/2GycP2l%20%20

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