Will You Benefit From The Proposed 3rd Homestead Exemption For Polk County FL

Dated: October 18 2018

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Go to http://www.polkpa.org

Click the property search tab image of property search tab at the top of this page. 

Type in the owner name and click search records. 

You will receive a list of properties matching your search criteria. 

Click the parcel ID field of the subject property, to open the parcel detail page. 

Click the 3rd HX EST icon image of text document on the top right of the parcel detail page.

 Use the steps below, to access the 3rd Homestead Exemption Estimator from the Property Appraiser Association of Florida's website.

 Click this link http://3hxestimator.org/hb3/hb3.php 

Select a county from the "Choose your County" drop down list.

 Enter the location address of the subject property.

 As you enter the location address you will be presented with possible matches, select one of the matches to see the estimate.

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